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The family court system is designed to help parents reach agreements regarding parenting time, child support, and other issues affecting their children. However, sometimes parents are not able to reach an agreement and a judge will need to make a decision for them.

If you are seeking to modify a parenting plan or child support order, or even need to enforce a previous order, a qualified Maine modifications attorney at Moncure & Barnicle can help.

We can advocate for your position in court and work to protect your rights.

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What Is a Modification of Orders?

A modification is a change of some kind in a parenting plan or child support order. A change in job or a significant increase or decrease in income can affect the amount of child support ordered. Parents can also ask the court to change the parenting plan if they are experiencing a change in their work schedules or other circumstances. A modification can also be made to accommodate a child's special needs, such as an overnight stay with a grandparent.

Enforcement in Family Law Matters

Enforcement occurs when a parent has not paid their child support as ordered by the court. If a parent fails to make payments, a wage garnishment can be initiated by the parent paying child support. If the parent still does not make the payments, they can be held in contempt of court and may face additional penalties.

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