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In a perfect world, you could simply start your business and immediately begin selling your wares. These days, however, there are many legal hurdles to opening even a small business. Everything has loopholes and exceptions, and trying to keep up with it all can be dizzying.

You should be focused on running your company, not getting lost in the legal details that pop up along the way. Moncure & Barnicle is here to help. With decades of combined experience, our attorneys can help you navigate the legal complexities of opening, running, and expanding a business in today’s world.

For all your legal business concerns in Maine, trust our team to guide and support you. You can contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

Forming an Entity

When you are ready to grow and expand your business, it’s tough to know where to start. All available options have so many subtle differences.

For instance, you may be struggling with whether to form an LLC or an S-Corp. Trying to simply differentiate the two can be a challenge. An LLC, for instance, can have unlimited shareholders. An S-Corp, on the other hand, is limited to only 100 investors.

Our team understands the minute differences between all your options. We can overlook your business and its structure, helping to guide you on the path that best suits your needs.

Our firm can help facilitate communications between companies, working to resolve and explain such problems. We want to negotiate a fair plan that puts everyone at ease. If necessary, we can take the matter to court, whether you are the accuser or the accused.

Furthermore, we can help you create a plan to avoid such problems from ever happening. You can then disseminate this plan among your workers, helping to keep everyone safe from legal entanglements. 

Business Litigation

These days, business conflicts are virtually unavoidable. Innocuous situations can snowball into accusations and lawsuits.

We can help negotiate for fair settlements to such disagreements. When the other side refuses to bend, we can represent you in court.

Business Deals

Even the slightest alteration to your business requires legal oversight. The smallest missteps could lead to large troubles in the future. 

Our firm can go over your plan and assist with any deals you wish to make. We can help point out any future pitfalls or legal entanglements you may encounter and counsel you on how to avoid these issues.

Business Break-Ups

When a business needs to split, it is almost like a “business divorce.” Feelings are hurt, and people scramble for the biggest piece of the pie. Like any nasty divorce, it takes a court to decide what to do next.

Our attorneys are prepared to represent you in any commercial litigation case. We want to help you avoid court whenever possible, negotiating a reasonable settlement that helps leave everyone satisfied. When court is the only option left, we will be there for you then as well.

From business start-ups to break-ups to expansions, our Maine attorneys are here for you. Call us today at (207) 209-2902 or contact us online to set up an appointment with our team.

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