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Many people don’t realize that in a divorce and other family matter actions, it’s not always necessary to go to court. Technically, parties have the right to make any agreements they wish.

Taking this step alone, however, is not a good idea. Most people have little to no experience with the law. Making post-divorce agreements and post-judgment agreements on your own could lead to disaster. It’s easy to overlook important details or forget entire steps, creating real problems when unaddressed issues come up later.

Moncure & Barnicle is there to help keep your divorce and other family matter actions out of the courtroom. We provide mediation services that could create a fair outcome for all parties involved.

When you are ready to mediate your divorce and other family matter actions in Maine, reach out to our firm online.

What Is Divorce/Family Matter Mediation?

Mediation is a way of helping parties make divorce decisions and other family matter actions decisions as a team. This may sound counterintuitive. Quite likely, your inability to work together led to your divorce.

That is why you need a mediator. This is a legal professional who helps guide your negotiations and facilitate teamwork. Your mediator works for both of you. They are not making sure that one party “wins” or “loses.” Instead, their job is to help everyone get what they need and make necessary compromises along the way.

In mediation, both parties meet with one of our attorneys to hash out the details of the divorce or other family matter actions. Because our mediators are legal professionals, they can help make sure you don’t miss any important steps or agreements along the way. 

Even when you are working together, it’s easy for frustrations and tempers to rise. Mediators at our firm can help calm that energy, keeping everyone focused on what’s important.

What Can You Decide in Divorce/Family Matter Mediation?

Essentially, you are free to decide on any essential part of a divorce and other family matter actions.

This includes:

What are the Benefits of Divorce/Family Matter Mediation?

Saving Money

When your case goes to court, there is a lot of expense involved. First, you must pay your attorney for their time in and out of the courtroom. Every step they take, from reviewing documents to investigating claims, adds to your cost. Often, one party is obligated to pay the other’s legal fees, doubling that expense.

In mediation, you pay for your mediator’s time, and that’s it. This consists of at least one meeting, generally around three hours long, and maybe some prep work beforehand.

Preserves Your Privacy

All courtroom trials become a matter of public record. Divorce and other Family Matter actions trials often become quite personal, revealing truths that are best kept between spouses. 

When you go through mediation, only the people in the meeting know what is said. Your mediator signs a confidentiality agreement. Afterward, you simply submit your final agreements to the court. Only these agreements and the record of the divorce are open to the public.

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It’s always best to leave your divorce and other family matter actions on good terms, especially if you have children. Mediation helps both parties listen to and understand each other’s needs. It also gives them one last project to work on together. This can help repair any bonds they have left, keeping the relationship amicable for the future.

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