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An estate plan can give your loved ones important legal guidance during a difficult time. Unfortunately, not enough people have an estate plan, which means they put their loved ones at risk of trying to figure it all out on their own. You can avoid this outcome for your family with a thoughtfully prepared estate plan crafted by an experienced attorney. 

Moncure & Barnicle can provide the legal assistance you need. When you need to secure your family’s future, we can provide the guidance and support necessary to help you complete the estate planning process. We can help you create a will, establish a trust, and prepare other crucial estate planning documents. We can also assist those who must deal with a loved one’s estate during the probate process. 

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We’ll Help You Build Your Estate Plan 

Your estate plan is more than your legal and financial affairs: It reflects who you are and what you value. No matter how simple or complex you need your estate plan to be, you can rely on Moncure & Barnicle to help you make all of the necessary arrangements. 

We can assist clients in matters such as the following: 

  • Writing wills 
  • Establishing trusts 
  • Creating powers of attorney 
  • Preparing advance directives 
  • Arranging guardianship 

It’s essential that you leave no stone unturned when preparing your estate plan. Fortunately, we have decades of combined experience to help you secure a brighter future for your loved ones. Rest assured that with support from Moncure & Barnicle and our estate planning attorneys in Maine, your affairs are in highly capable hands. 

Should I Base My Estate Plan on a Trust or a Will? 

If you wish to secure your estate for your family’s benefit, having both a trust and will can help you accomplish this goal. Whereas a trust can help you transfer wealth to your loved ones by avoiding probate, a will can “catch” any property you may have overlooked. 

Without a will, such property would have to go through intestate succession, which can prolong probate and determine certain inheritances by law, not your preferences. Backing up your living trust with a will – such as a pour-over will – can help you rest assured that nothing is overlooked. 

Assisting Clients with Probate Matters 

Probate can be a complicated process for anyone, especially someone who feels unprepared for it. If you were named as the executor of a loved one’s estate, you have many important duties and tasks to fulfill. We can guide you through probate each step of the way. With help from a dedicated estate planning lawyer in Maine, you can worry less about your liability during this important process. 

We can also assist interested parties to an estate in probate litigation matters. Common reasons for probate litigation include will contests, breach of an executor’s fiduciary duty, guardianship disputes, and related matters. For any legal challenge you wish to pursue or must respond to, we can provide the civil litigation services you require.

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