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Overwhelming debt can wreak havoc on a person's life in more ways than one. When consumers fall behind on their mortgage or credit card payments, they receive letters and phone calls from their creditors who are trying to collect the debts.

If they default on their debts for too long, consumers could face repossession of their car or their home, which can have a devastating effect on their credit. At Moncure & Barnicle, we have the knowledge and the experience to help you eliminate your overwhelming debts by filing for bankruptcy.

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Us

When deciding on the firm and legal team that best fits your needs, you may be unsure of what to look for in a firm. Our bankruptcy firm in Maine is highly-qualified and provides personalized, competent representation for each and every client.

Just a few of the reasons that we are the best choice for you are:

  • We have more than 170 years of combined experience
  • We are one of Maine's premier law firms
  • We have a strong track record of success
  • We set up individualized strategies for the unique circumstances of each client
  • Your initial consultation with us is completely free

Understanding the Benefits of Bankruptcy

First, let us dispel any myths that you may have heard about bankruptcy. While many people believe that bankruptcy is a bad thing that is only necessary for irresponsible people, the truth is that bankruptcy was specifically created to be a way out of overwhelming debt for anyone.

Debt can be accrued for any number of reasons, from unexpected medical bills to poor financial planning. No matter what reason caused you to incur debt, bankruptcy may be the best option for you to find relief. Through bankruptcy, your debt can be discharged, allowing you to get out from under your financial burdens and rebuild your credit from the ground up.

Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13

When you file for bankruptcy in Maine, you will pursue one of two types of bankruptcy. The first option is Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which is available to consumers who have little to no income and cannot afford monthly payments. You must first pass the means test to prove that you have insufficient income, after which your nonexempt assets and property will be liquidated to repay as much of your debt as possible. The remaining debt will then be discharged.

The other form of bankruptcy is Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which does not require liquidation. Consumers who have steady income and can afford some form of monthly payments will sit down with their creditors and work out a three- to five-year repayment plan. The consumer will then continue make payments until the payment plan ends, after which the remaining debt will be discharged.

Contact a Bankruptcy Attorney in Topsham or Brunswick

Learn more about bankruptcy and how it can help you by speaking with a Maine Bankruptcy lawyer from Moncure & Barnicle. Our team of bankruptcy attorneys has more than 170 years of combined experience and will make you feel at home from the very start. We pride ourselves on providing respectful and attentive service to each of our clients. We can work hand in hand with you to create a personalized strategy and help you resolve your financial issues as quickly as possible.

Contact our Maine office today to set up a free initial consultation with our bankruptcy attorney and learn more!

Clients Share Their Experiences

  • “I always tell everyone that when it comes to real estate matters - buying, selling, condos, title problems, working with lenders -- your expert assistance is the best.”


  • “Attorney Regan has provided me with outstanding professional legal help. I highly recommend his firm as a results-oriented law practice.”

    Brandon M.

  • “Although I am a lawyer, I am definitely not a real estate (or Maine) lawyer so it was a great comfort to have someone with your experience and knowledge in our camp. I know my parents feel the same way.”


  • “I never had cause to question reliability, honesty or integrity. The best service I have ever had that I hope to never get again!”

    Rhys H.

  • “I was always kept informed of what was going on with my claim. It was great to know if you called and were not able to get ahold of Richard, that you would get a call back.”

    Shari W.

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