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Why I do this:

In this profession, there is no better gratification than that which comes from solving an important problem for a client. Whether it is from presenting a substantial check to an injured person after a resolution of a personal injury claim, obtaining a discharge of thousands of dollars of debt for a person in a dire financial situation, saving someone’s home, or resolving one’s criminal charges, I experience a great deal of satisfaction knowing that I just made a client’s life a bit easier or even better.


Personal Injury

I have over 20 years of experience working with injured Mainers whose cases have ranged from a few thousand to several hundred thousand dollars in value. I have represented clients against some of the most prominent insurance companies and the best defense attorneys in the state. Contrary to the images created by many television ads, the best results for clients come from thorough preparation of cases and not silly threats of litigation or catch-phrase slogans.

Most personal injury cases settle without trial and an injured person needs to choose a lawyer who will work from day one to present a compelling case for proper compensation to the insurance company. I am that lawyer. I can and have gone to trial for my clients if necessary, but I have done the best for job for my client if I prepare the case well, get the best offer from the other side and frankly lay out the pros and cons of trying to obtain a better deal through litigation. Sometimes trial is the right option, but in most cases a settlement is in my client’s best interests.


Folks who come to me with their financial affairs in shambles are often at the very worst point in their lives. In my initial meeting with them I try to assure them that there is a way out of the mess. For some, a simple Chapter 7 bankruptcy will do the trick in about 4 months.

For others, especially those who are behind in their mortgages, a 3-5 year payment plan developed for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will get them back on their feet again. It all depends on family size, income and the amount and nature of the debt. And the great thing is... it really works. No client has ever came back to me and said they regret filing---but many have told me it was the best choice they could have made in the circumstances they faced.

Other Areas of Law

Being a “small town” lawyer means you have to practice in more than one area if you are to serve the legal needs of the community. I have extensive experience in criminal law, probate, and all sorts of civil litigation. I can handle of wide variety of cases effectively and if I can’t do it—I’ll find you someone who can—usually in this firm.

Where I practice

The old administration building in the Bowdoin Mill Complex in Topsham just over the bridge from Brunswick, has a stunning view of the Androscoggin River. With plenty of character and charm, our office is a comforting place to discuss a client’s legal issues. Our office is within reasonable driving distance to State and Federal Courts from Portland and points south out to Lewiston and up to Augusta and Rockland. If it’s a good case, I will follow it!

Who am I?

Professional Information

I received a BA in English from Bates College, an MA in English Literature, and a JD from the University of Maine School of Law. I have also studied at the University of Hawaii, University of Vermont, University College of Galway, Ireland, and Harvard. In addition, I am a 1996 graduate of the Maine College of Trial Advocacy and assisted in organizing the program the following year.

I have published several articles on accident and injury law in the Maine Bar Journal, the Maine Lawyers Review, and the Maine Trial Lawyers Bulletin.

In terms of professional organizations, I have been a member of:

  • The American Bar Association
  • Association of Trial Lawyers of America
  • Maine State Bar Association
  • Maine Trial Lawyers Association
  • National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys
  • The Maine Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • I have served as the attorney member of several Medical Malpractice Pre-litigation Screening Panels, which are charged with evaluating the merits of medical malpractice claims prior to trial.
Personal Stuff

My most significant hobby is cooking, and I enjoy experimenting with all sorts of flavors and colors in my concoctions. I have whipped up everything from Asian to Italian to Irish to Mexican fare, eventually with good results. I have been a big Rolling Stones fan since the age of 12, and have seen them on every tour since 1989. Many moons ago I was a passable rhythm guitar player (I still enjoy looking at my guitars hanging on the wall). And what would summers be like without the Portland Lawyers Softball League where I am entering my 24th season?

Clients Share Their Experiences

  • “His knowledge of family law and courtroom procedure is exemplary.”

    Susan S.

  • “Their encouragement and compassion that they had showed toward me will follow me in life knowing that there are people that actually truly care for others.”

    Jacquie F.

  • “Although I am a lawyer, I am definitely not a real estate (or Maine) lawyer so it was a great comfort to have someone with your experience and knowledge in our camp. I know my parents feel the same way.”


  • “I always feel like I am talking to old friends when I need to speak with them. Family is really what they focus on and I am glad that I had them on my case.”

    Erin M.

  • “I always tell everyone that when it comes to real estate matters - buying, selling, condos, title problems, working with lenders -- your expert assistance is the best.”


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